Movie fans! "Brief nudity" fans! Dessert fans! A contest just for you!

On April 6, Cinema Guild will release Andrew Bujalski's film Beeswax--one of Manohla Dargis' (NY Times) picks for Top 10 of 2009, [etc etc laudatory stuff]. Everyone who purchases a DVD from this initial run will receive a strip of 16mm film from an original laboratory print of the film in a collectible card. Each of these pieces of film is unique--yours could come from any shot or shots in the film, but there won't be another like it out there.

One shot in the film features what those of us who grew up with up cable movie channels knew as "brief nudity"--a shot of the character Scott (played by David Zellner) naked from behind just as he's pulling up his shorts--and one lucky DVD consumer will find that arresting image when they open up their DVD box. While we believe that that is quite a prize in and of itself, we've decided to make it a "Golden Ticket" and offer you another prize if you can demonstrate that you're the one that's received that special piece of film!

If you're the lucky one, take a picture of it (hold it to the light, get up close, and make sure we can see the images!), and take a picture of yourself holding the card, and send it along to us. If you're on Facebook, you can post to our Facebook page, Otherwise, e-mail to And tell us what city you live in, because we're gonna get somebody to come take you out for pie, just like Jeannie & Merrill's "conciliatory date/legal advice" scene in the movie. The cast & crew of this movie are spread out all over the U.S., so ideally someone who worked on the film (director? stars? key grip?) will be sharing pie with you--but if we can't get there ourselves, we'll find someone who can, a friend, an associate, a friend of a friend, *someone*, because we're committed to making this ridiculous contest happen!

So go out and buy your copy of Beeswax, in stores or from online retailers. You might just see those special cheeks inside, and that means free dessert!